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"Everyone is capable of learning an instrument. It does not matter how fast or slow you learn, it's my job to help you find your sound."

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©Ivan Weiss


Teaching experience that ranges over a decade, Esther Williams is a highly in-demand teacher, known for her vibrant yet determined approach. She teaches a variety of instruments including oboe, cor anglais, piano, bassoon and music theory. After obtaining her DipABRSM qualification for instrumental teaching, and shadowing the teaching of Elizabeth Fyfe at Wells Cathedral School, Esther now teaches at the Royal Hospital School, Richmond Music Trust and has a number of private students, from beginners to post-Grade 8. She is also adept at teaching students with visual impairments, having studied Music Braille.


Going beyond the pale of merely attaining the best possible grades, Esther understands each of her students’ abilities and personalities. She delivers a highly personalised experience, elevating her students to a high level of musicality, regardless of their starting level.

After being involved in a car accident in 2016, Esther has overcome her own obstacles in recovery and retraining to continue her oboe career.  As a qualified yoga trainer that specialises in facial muscles, Esther combines this with her personal experience to cultivate an approach to teaching that also focuses on improving body performance, and methods that prevent injury. Resultingly, her teaching has seen her students receive music scholarships, compete in national competitions, and prepare them for further education in conservatoires.

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